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How to End Burnout and Increase Well-Being

How to End Burnout and Increase Well-Being

If you are constantly overworking your body and mind, you will eventually reach the point of burnout. Your body and mind cannot handle prolonged high levels of stress. You can also reach emotional burnout if you do not take the time to rest your mind. People who are experiencing burnout feel unmotivated, unhappy, and exhausted. If this sounds like you, continue reading to learn how to end burnout and increase well-being.

Some of the key signs of burnout are difficulty focusing, lack of joy, struggling to maintain relationships, frustration, unexplained insomnia, and body pains. Burnout can have long-lasting effects on your body and mind if it goes untreated. These effects include poor work performance, lack of enjoyment from things you used to enjoy doing, and increased risk of health concerns, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and depression.

To start the journey of ending your burnout, you need to find the source. The most common stressors that can cause burnout are demanding jobs, stressful academic schedules, and relationship issues. A combination of stressors with a lack of relief can send you into exhaustion and burnout.

Once you identify the causes of your burnout, decide what changes you can make in your life to lighten your load. If you are feeling overwhelmed with work, talk to your boss to see if tasks could be reassigned or given a longer deadline. If you are overloaded with personal commitments, consider canceling and rescheduling to give yourself time to relax.

Turn to others to help you create a path to ending burnout. Reach out to friends and family to spend time with them and confide in them on how you are feeling. Develop friendships with your coworkers to make your work environment more enjoyable. Begin to limit your contact with negative and toxic people who ruin your mood. Connect with a support group or community group that can help you deal with you daily stressors and learn coping mechanisms.

Start re-framing the way you look at work to ease your burnout and prevent reaching burnout again. Work to find value in your job and focus on the aspects of your job that you enjoy. Find a balance between work and your personal life. Having a good work/life balance will help you focus on the time you have off from work with loved ones, doing hobbies you enjoy, or another area of your life that brings you joy. Consider taking time off to have a break from work and use the time to recharge.

Mental and physical exhaustion can take a toll on your well-being. Taking the steps to make your life easier and more enjoyable will help you move away from the burnout feelings. Prioritize yourself and your needs to take charge of your mental and physical health.