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• Pay for medical care only when it is needed

About Us

AccessOPEN is a convenient program that allows members to pay for medical care only when it is needed. You no longer have to spend thousands of dollars each year in insurance premiums, only to visit a doctor 2 or 3 times a year. This exclusive medical network is comprehensive, including hundreds of health care providers offering fast, friendly service at a fraction of the cost.

How We're Focused On You

Our aspiration is to improve experiences and outcomes for everyone we serve while reducing the total cost of care.

Cost of Care

Innovative Approach

Quality Care

Cost of Care

Estimating the cost of even a simple doctor’s visit can be challenging. Of those who incurred health care expenses over the past year, half say their bills were more expensive than they anticipated. As a member of AccessOPEN, you only pay for what you need. Quotes are provided to our members in advance of their appointment, allowing full transparency of the expected total cost. No surprise medical billing! The best part? The cost for any medical services rendered are considerably discounted by up to 42% of comparable services.

Innovative Approach

In our new healthcare model, we are pioneering a bold new approach to total health with innovations that not only help people get well, but help them stay well. We work alongside our members and provider partners to accelerate the journey toward improved lives and healthier communities. As a healthcare concierge, it is our absolute privilege to offer our members an optimal member experience while reaching all of their healthcare goals.

Quality Care

Access to high-quality medical care is our #1 priority. As we work to create a strong, more efficient healthcare system we want to ensure that it is available to everyone. AccessOPEN takes pride in its network of over 1,400 medical providers that have been hand-selected to join our team. As a member of AccessOPEN, you have access to hundreds of top-rated, board-certified physicians and healthcare providers offering the best in quality, service and outcomes.

AccessOPEN Mission: Healthcare. Redefined.

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Healthcare Concierge Service

We’re in an era of unprecedented complexity in healthcare and often times the coordination of medical appointments, treatment and follow-up care can be daunting. Our dedicated AO Specialists are there for you every step of the way. We are the human side of health care – personally connecting with our members to schedule convenient appointments, send reminders, manage health plans or even set up transportation, when needed. We are here to walk with you through the difficulty and support you when you need a little help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Is AccessOPEN currently available in my state?

AccessOPEN has providers located in multiple states, however Georgia has been selected for the initial statewide program rollout. We have hand-selected a group of highly respected medical providers to service our AO members.

Q What types of services does AccessOPEN offer?

AO offers a myriad of healthcare related services. This includes, but is not limited to, urgent and primary care, specialist, dental, pharmacy, physical therapy, pediatrics and much more. To see a more expansive list of services, please visit

Q How many providers are within the AccessOPEN Network?

There are currently over 1,400 highly reputable, board-certified providers within the AccessOPEN Network. Our screening process for recruiting providers is purposeful and meticulous, so that we can offer access to the best in quality, service and outcomes. In addition, we focus on ease of accessibility and convenient appointment times for our members. Please Call (855) 955-OPEN, for more information.

Q What does the AccessOPEN membership fee include?

The AO membership fee gives unlimited access to the AccessOPEN Network of over 1,400 medical providers. These medical services are provided with discounted rates of up to 42% on a wide selection of general and specialty medical, dental and hospital services. No more premiums and deductibles.

Limited time offer: Memberships for only $20 per month.
No Increase - Guaranteed!

Lock in your $20 per month now!