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Employers now have the ability to offer healthcare benefits to their employees!

Many employers and small businesses have taken advantage of our wonderful opportunity to offer medical coverage to their employees. 'AccessOPEN for Business' allows the employer to select the type and level of coverage they want to offer their employees and pay the monthly or annual membership fee. In addition, the AO membership fees are so affordable, that some employers will offer an additional amount to the employee to be used toward medical appointments throughout the year! 'AccessOPEN for Business' has proven to be a much more feasible option for employers to offer healthcare coverage within their own budget.

Employers may also extend medical coverage to employees family for the same low rate.

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Lock in this limited time offer now! 

ALL levels of membership offered for only $20 a person. But only for a limited time!

Limited time offer: Memberships for only $20 per month.
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