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How Does AccessOPEN Work?

How Does AccessOPEN Work?

We all know that everything medical and health-related has a reputation for being expensive. Rumor has it, you get what you pay for. However, there are ways to get high-quality care without the strain on your bank account. If you are uninsured, underinsured, or pay high premiums or deductibles, there's a way to access quality services from medical providers without spending insane amounts of money. Keep reading to learn more!

AccessOPEN is a unique convenient program that allows members access to a huge variety of healthcare services at a discounted price of up to 42%. AccessOPEN's medical network consists of over 1,400 medical providers. These medical providers and services range from urgent care, primary care specialists, dentists, pediatrics, therapists, hospitals, imaging, current, and future prescriptions and specialty care. In other words, AccessOPEN provides high-quality healthcare services for you and your family at a price you can afford without the worry and hesitation. Not only does AccessOPEN help families, but we also extend to your employees as well.

There are four types of memberships you can choose from within AccessOPEN:

1. Individual

2. Married

3. Family

4. Business

Once you have chosen your membership plan, you can easily begin researching and scheduling appointments with the doctors you need to see. It takes about 10 minutes after enrolling to gain access and begin scheduling your appointments. We offer a concierge scheduling service with a turnaround time for booked appointments of between 48-72 hours! Depending on the type of service requested, you can also receive urgent care services immediately.

One of the main benefits of AccessOPEN is that your cost for any service is provided to you before the appointment, and there will be no additional surprise costs, fees, or charges at the site of the appointment.

AccessOPEN extends its arms out to anyone and everyone. There is no specific enrollment period, and you will gain immediate access to our network even if you already have pre-existing conditions. If you have ten minutes to spare, now is the time to get the health insurance you and your family need. Join AccessOPEN today and instantly get access to top-notch medical services at prices you will not have to think twice about.

Right now, we are offering a limited-time introductory offer. If you join AccessOPEN today, you may be eligible to receive your membership for only $20 per month with NO increase later on - guaranteed. For more information on AccessOPEN, visit our website! If you would prefer a phone call, we are here to answer any questions you may have. Call today at (855)
955-OPEN (6736).

For those who have recently lost their job due to the impact of COVID-19, we encourage you to read this blog post to learn about the options you have regarding healthcare moving forward for you and your family.