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Urgent Care is Expensive, How Can AccessOPEN Help?

Urgent Care is Expensive, How Can AccessOPEN Help?

We all know the repercussions of going to urgent care: high costs, long wait times, and stress. Most of these are manageable, however, sometimes the cost of urgent care can be quite overwhelming and unaffordable. Typically, the cost of an urgent care visit skyrockets, and insurance companies tend to only pay for some of that cost, if any at all. Keep reading to learn how AccessOPEN can help make your urgent care visits as seamless and affordable as possible!

AccessOPEN is your new go-to for high-quality care without the sky-high prices. Insurance companies and their policies have reputations of making you pay high premiums or deductibles for mediocre care. AccessOPEN provides its members with the ability to access top healthcare professionals and receive the care they need for prices they can afford. Urgent care visits can cost between $100-$300 out-of-pocket. This type of care should not be priced so high, especially because the quality of care is never fantastic, and the wait time it takes to receive care increases by the minute.

When it comes to urgent care, booking appointments is not common. As emergencies come up, immediate care is necessary, which is why AccessOPEN is here to make sure the costs you pay for an urgent care visit are tailored specifically for your care and the services you receive, not the additional fees and inflated prices.

For those who are not insured, urgent care can be even more of a strain on your finances. When you need care, you do not have a choice other than to pay the price for the care you receive, so why not make the effort to reduce the cost significantly and ensure high-quality, affordable care?

Our membership program provides members with fast, easy, and convenient appointment booking, as well as the ability to opt-in, opt-out at any time. The appointments you book will be discounted at up to 42%. Right now, you can join our membership program for only $20 per person, forever. Yes, that's right. Only $20 per person, forever.! With any of our packages, you can lock in this rate, receive the urgent care you need, pay an affordable price for your services, and book appointments knowing what you are going to pay upfront.

To learn more about the packages we offer, please visit our membership page for costs and to learn what is included in each package.