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Unplug & Recharge - Ways to Disconnect from the Mobile Phone

Unplug & Recharge - Ways to Disconnect from the Mobile Phone

Life can easily pass you by when you spend hours upon hours on your mobile devices. With our phones being the easiest way to complete tasks, communicate to people, and entertain yourself, it's easy to spend a large portion of your day glued to your phone. The amount of information that we consume everyday through technology is astronomical compared to even just ten years ago. This amount of information can impact our brains because we are not capable of easily handling the information load. Giving our brains a rest is important for our health. Continue reading for ways to unplug and recharge away from your phone.

Set up a scheduled "no phone" time during the day

Most people keep their phones on them all day. This allows you to easily go on your phone when you're bored. It is important to have certain times of each day that you spend away from your phone so you can focus on your tasks for the day and live in the present with others. It is much nicer to have a conversation with family or friends in person instead of over text.

Utilize "Do Not Disturb"

You do not need to be alerted about every notification that you receive on your phone. To reduce the number of times you pick up your phone to each notification, place your phone on do not disturb when you do not need to respond to an important text, call, or email.

Find other ways to relax

Many people unwind after a long day by scrolling through social media or playing games on their phone. To get off your phone, try picking up some other hobbies. Whether it is taking a walk, exercising, reading, or crafting, any activity that is away from your phone can be extremely helpful for your brain health.

Stop using your phone before bed and right when you wake up

Most people have the bad habit of staying on your phone before going to sleep and immediately checking your phone when you wake up. Having a high amount of screen time before going to sleep can cause you to not be able to go to sleep easily. A bright screen shining in your eyes right when you wake up is difficult for your eyes to adjust to and could cause pain.

Take a break or delete social media accounts

Are your social media platforms actually benefiting you? While it may be nice to mindlessly scroll through the different posts, it can be of little use to you in the long run. Face to face interactions can be much better for you and your relationships.

While it may seem hard to break away from your phone, it is important to find ways to get away from the screens. The constant information overload and the light of the screens can be harmful to your eyes and brain. For your health, unplug and recharge.